Soniclean Pro White

Soniclean Pro White: Experience the difference

Unique Whitening bristles whiten your teeth with regular toothpaste. With 3 different modes to pick from Soniclean Pro White provides you with a customized cleaning based on your preference (Whitening, Standard or Sensitive). Each mode is uniquely designed to cater with unique brush heads that match up with each mode.


the bristles are uniquely designed to give you a whiter smile.

The brush handle is rechargeable and comes with a portable charger and a storage compartment for your additional brush heads.

  • Our unique patented design provides a swiping motion on the brush head, to provide a dentists recommended cleaning up to 10 day battery life (2min, 2X/day)
  • Smart Timer helps brush 4 quadrants at 30 seconds each
  • LED handle display to show charge life.

Pack Contents Included:

  • 1 Handle
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Whitening Brush head
  • 1 Storage Compartment


The bristles provide a full swiping motion, the way dentists recommend you brush your teeth

Three Cleaning modes

Three modes: allows the user to pick between the whitening, standard or sensitive mode. Each mode is designed to be pared with the right bristles. With each mode the patented vibrations change on the brush to provide the user with the right kind of cleaning


Waterproof handle

Waterproof handle allows users to even brush in the shower

Two Whitining Bristles:


Unique whitening bristles that can whiten your teeth with regular toothbrush


Unique whitening bristles that can whiten your teeth with regular toothbrush

Ultra Light Handle

The ultra-light handle is designed to make sure you don't put additional pressure on your teeth while brushing your teeth. With too much pressure on your teeth you can hurt you gums and also wear our your enamel over time

Lithium Battery

Powered with a built-in lithium battery

Two Minute Timer

Smart Two minute timer

What is included when you buy Soniclean Pro White:

Toothbrush Handle
Charging Stand
Brush Head
One year Warranty